How to actually eat your veggies? Here are all the best vegetables to get into a healthy diet, and loads of recipes for including each one!

This Rainbow Vegetable Sandwich is a tasty way to eat lots at once!

We’ve all heard the refrain: Eat more fruits and vegetables! But what does that really look like? And what are the healthiest vegetables to eat? Well, we’ve got answers. Alex and I are cookbook authors of a vegetarian cookbook and our website has over 1,000 recipes for how to make plants taste delicious. But today, we wanted to delve into this question: What are the best vegetables to include in a healthy diet?

After lots of research, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best vegetables to include in your everyday. The great news? There are so many ways to make them taste delicious. With each vegetable, we’ve included our top recipes for making it taste good. (And you can click the “Get Recipes” button to get even more recipes.) Ready to get started?

And now…the best vegetables to eat in a healthy diet!

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More resources

Need more resources on how to eat more veggies? There are so many delicious recipes out there: it’s just a matter of finding them! Here are a few more of our favorite resources for getting lots of veggies into your diet, including meal plans with a weekly planning spreadsheet:

Last updated: June 2020

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